Meet The Swag Staff: Jill Metterhausen

We are pleased to introduce Jill Metterhausen, a member our amazing Guest Services team, who started in 2014 with The Swag.  Deener and Dan quickly saw Jill’s talents and promoted her to be Director of Guest Services in 2015, a role she held for two seasons.

In 2017, Jill took the year off to spend time with her newborn son, Logan.  We were blessed, in 2018 to welcome Jill back to The Swag on a part time basis, which allowed her to spend more time with Logan and her husband, Eric. Since then, she has also served as a server and The Swag’s Master Gardener. In 2020, she welcomed her daughter, Emma and in 2021 returned to Guest Services as Assistant Director. She has worked in many roles here at The Swag, but Guest Services is where she enjoys the most.

Prior to joining The Swag, Jill was a full-time graphic designer.  She had a large number of clients, including the Biltmore, and an organization that we love at The Swag: Friends of the Smokies! In addition to her role in Guest Services, she has also offered her talents to help us roll out a rebranding at The Swag.

Like Chef Jake and Becky, Jill has strong Chicago ties.  She grew up there and married her high school sweetheart.  Eric is a pharmacist in the U.S. Public Health Service, and in 2010, Jill and Eric left Chicago for Juneau, Alaska!  After 2 years spent in “The Last Frontier,” the Metterhausens moved to Waynesville in 2012.

Her joy, kindness, and guest service is clear to all who see her.  Come visit Jill & Team at The Swag by reserving a room now and Jill will be there to help fulfill your requests and reservation needs!

-David Colquitt