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The Swag – A Family Business Retreat For The Weekend

On Sunday, the four-generation family that spent three days with us over the weekend — looking at ways in which they can serve others and relate to one another — departed after brunch. Just before they left, their leader for this weekend came to me and said “We want to come back here next year!” … Read More

Details from Deener

Food and Fellowship at The Swag What a treat to have a New York friend and her siblings (brother from Highlands Falls, NC, and sister from Seattle, WA) here for our Wednesday picnic at Gooseberry Knob. It was their first visit to The Swag, and I so enjoyed showing them some of the rooms and … Read More

Details from Deener

A late April cold snap hit the apple trees hard, but McRae (our resident horticulturalist) and Bob Collier (our birder) think they will yield apples in the fall. The Swag is the highest inn east of the Mississippi. Spring can be fickle. Gourmet Picnics at Gooseberry Knob We kicked off our first Wednesday gourmet picnic … Read More

Our Visit to the Titanic Museum

By: Deener Matthews  “Over the Christmas holidays, our family went over to Pigeon Forge to see the highly-touted Titanic.  It is a WOW!”. Crowds are controlled, so that you can really see the items he has collected.  When you enter the museum, you are given a card with the name of a Titanic passenger.  It … Read More

Saturday Snow With A Swag Bar

It’s a chilly day up here at 5,000 feet! We woke up to a nice dusting of snow this morning, and we wish you were all here to enjoy it with us! This is our second snow of the season, and it’s only October 29th! Can you believe it?              … Read More