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Swag Guests Enjoy “History Hike” On “The Boogerman Trail”

Doug and Kathy Peters, Swag event leaders for our last week in September, led enthusiastic guests Larry and Caroline Thompson from Snellville, Georgia, Chuck and Carol Murray from Elm City, North Carolina, and Dean McCumber from Durham, North Carolina on a unique hike in Cattaloochee Valley on The Boogerman Trail.  The seven and a half … Read More

Hiking and Storytelling at the Swag

A week or so ago, The Wall Street Journal had an article about a Roll Call on popular sports (see Saturday/Sunday June 9-10). “Governments around the world spend millions to get their citizens off the couch and onto the sports field.” Companies work hard to make sports equipment to tantalize people to get going. A … Read More

Hummers, The First Water Lily and Sunsets

At dinner one evening last week — all of a sudden everyone got up from the big table and darted out to the front porch.  A big rainbow was arching from the Cataloochee Ski Slope right over to Gooseberry Knob. The sun was setting on Utah Mountain and it was spectacular.  We have never seen … Read More

Wow! What a weekend! 

Dan and I have been here @ The Swag over holiday times since 1969.  We genuinely think these were the most perfect days we have ever experienced.  There was a gentle breeze and the view went forever.  We could even see Mt. Mitchell.  There were a lot of mellow weekenders who checked out on Monday … Read More