Tommy Little’s 31st Season Poem

Tommy Little and his wife Debbie have been coming to The Swag for many years.  Each year he writes a poem during his stay with us.  Enjoy his tribute below in recognition of our 31st season.  The painting is by Asheville artist, Ann Vasilik.




(A Tribute to The Swag Mountaintop Inn)

We come every year to see her, to make sure she’s o.k., holding her own. 

And she always is, waiting anxiously for her streams of guests in that old home spun dress. 

You know, the one she borrowed from Lonesome Valley Primitive Baptist. 

I love that dress, the one that catches my eye from the last gravel switchback.


She always keeps the old Blue Spruce out front to watch for us,

waving its branches laden with its weight of deep green years and lichen.


“Ya’ll come on in”, she always calls, wiping her hands on the apron of her porch. 

“There’s supper in the kitchen and a fresh bed made. 

It’s so good to see you again. 

I always miss my friends. 

They keep me going, you know.”


Then my heart warms when I reply,

“My dear old mountain home with your old homespun dress, wear it well. 

 Wear it a long, long time. 

We’ll be here every year to check on you.”