The Swag – A Family Business Retreat For The Weekend

On Sunday, the four-generation family that spent three days with us over the weekend — looking at ways in which they can serve others and relate to one another — departed after brunch. Just before they left, their leader for this weekend came to me and said “We want to come back here next year!” They can go anywhere their hearts want to take them and their hearts said “The Swag.” We knew they had on their agenda where they would go next year and were keen to find out where they would go. Wow!

What a thrill!






Yesterday was one of those top-notch events for the Smokies! Because Dan chairs Friends of the Smokies, Dan and I went over to Clingman’s Dome (just about at the spot where Tennessee and North Carolina meet in Great Smoky Mountains National Park) to celebrate the success of Trails Forever. Several years ago, the Aslan Foundation gave $2 million dollars to the Park in memory of Lindsay Young to fund the perpetual maintenance of the Park’s trails. Lindsay loved the Park and was at two of our benefit weekends @ The Swag for Friends of the Smokies. The goal was to have others match the $2 million. Well, the others did! So, yesterday, with the van that has the Trails Forever logo on it and the contents ready to go where needed to maintain the trails, the RIBBON was CUT to perpetually fund our trails! Present were many of those people who dedicate time to lead hikes and maintain the trails; Frank and Whit Addicks, Danny Bernstein, Joan Cronan, Stan & Sam McGroom, Richard and Debbie Way, Jack E. Williams, Sam and Jody Curtis, Janice and Bill Shepherd and Missy Kane.

Storyteller Donald Davis Returns To The Swag

Wow! What a week we have had with Donald.  Wednesday night we had several couples who — for very understandable reasons — opted to go back to their rooms.  So, Donald and Merle sat with us and Donald around the three sofas and he told us how he became a story-teller.  If you plan to be  here when Donald returns, be sure to ask him to tell you about this.  Thursday night we learned why he is not named Joe.  (His father was a Joe and his brother is a Joe.)  I have always wondered, but never got around to asking him.

We have a full house this weekend — with lots of returning Swaggers.  On Sunday night (a first for Memorial Day     weekend)  we are having a cook-out and the Hill Country Band.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  And, of course, we will have one last night of Donald’s fabulous stories.

           Good news for me is that Dan returns for the weekend.  I imagine that means that we will have some
           sing-alonging around his grandfather’s player piano before Donald’s stories.