Details from Deener

Food and Fellowship at The Swag
What a treat to have a New York friend and her siblings (brother from Highlands Falls, NC, and sister from Seattle, WA) here for our Wednesday picnic at Gooseberry Knob. It was their first visit to The Swag, and I so enjoyed showing them some of the rooms and the Chestnut Lodge. What a glorious day we Swaggers had eating the delectable burgers, salads, desserts and sipping our root beer floats in the spring air.

This was only our second Wednesday picnic of the season. It has been too cold or too rainy. So it was a treat for all of the staff and guests to be able to see the brand new greens of leaves and grass in the valley below.

Exploring the Trails
We had a number of first time guests this week who loved walking the trails with Michael Pelton and Tamra Willis and gleaning their depth of knowledge. Using a plethora of pelts and skulls from furry mammals, Michael gave us a treasure trove of information about the black bear (and all the bears of the world).

What’s Blooming at The Swag
Spring is definitely here. The flame azaleas are budded and hinting at what colors they will be when they bloom in a the coming weeks. Blueberries are blooming. The new galax leaves are waxy and glorious — so, of course, they are gracing the soap dishes of Swag guest lavatories. The mountain laurels, like the flame azaleas, are ready to bloom when the time is right. Hybrid rhododendrons are aglow around all of our buildings. Their native cousins will grace the woodlands in a few weeks. The greenbrier tips are tender and tasty. The squaw root is tall and budded.

Celebrations at The Swag
We had a couple drive over from Asheville this week — just for one night — to celebrate their 37th wedding anniversary. They called it an “in town vacation.” They were delighted to enjoy Gail’s Room, and we were so pleased to be a part of their celebration.

This weekend we are hosting a three-day family gathering which brings together four generations (the youngest is just months old) for reflection, business, hiking, yoga and dining. Dan officiated at the weddings of three couples in this family, so it is very much a treat to have them with us. The van arrived at noon on Thursday with cribs and bouncy seats, along with all manner of new and colorful things that the baby industry has come up with since our kids were born. We are so complimented that they chose The Swag as the place where their family would spend time together.

It doesn’t get any better than today at The Swag!