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Changes to Property Booking Policy at The Swag

The Swag is a wonderful place for couples, friends, and small families. The Swag is even more special, we think, when large groups – whether it is a large family reunion,¬† wedding, corporate retreat, or anniversary gathering – rent the entire property and essentially have “the run of the place,” while still receiving the outstanding Swag amenities from walking sticks, to the Swag Bars, to three outstanding meals every day.

Prior to becoming proprietors at The Swag, our family had two family gatherings at The Swag where we rented the entire property. This allowed for us to make full use of the Swag property for our family Olympics, an award ceremony, as well as a series of meetings during the day.

Historically, The Swag has not allowed anybody — including groups wanting to rent out the entire property for a retreat, wedding, or private event — to make a reservation more than one year in advance. Because family reunions, weddings, and corporate retreats often require more than one year for planning purposes, we are making a slight change to our booking policy.

For groups that would like to rent out the entire Swag property, such bookings can be made more than 1 year in advance. We want to be mindful of the many longtime guests that enjoy coming year after year to The Swag at the same time. As such, certain high-demand times will be blacked out, meaning no property buyouts may be booked more than a year in advance. These include:

  • Easter Weekend (Thursday – Monday)
  • Memorial Day Weekend¬†(Thursday – Monday)
  • Independence Day (July 2 – July 5)
  • Labor Day Weekend (Thursday – Monday)
  • The Entire Month of October
  • Thanksgiving Week

One question that some of you may have is, “What would happen if someone makes a property buyout reservation for a date in a future year that I would otherwise have the option of booking based on this year’s reservation?” In that instance, a member of the Guest Services Team would reach out to help you locate an alternate date that would hopefully be to your liking.

Others may be asking, “How much does it cost to rent The Swag?” The cost is the cumulative price of all the guest rooms. However, for property buy outs in 2020 and later, we will be offering a discounted rate for any nights from Sunday – Wednesday. Special deposit requirements and other policies can be shared by our Guest Services Team. Call Becky & Team at 828-926-0430 for more details on how to rent out The Swag for your family reunion, wedding, corporate retreat, or other special event!