New High-Flying Adventure Arrives in Western NC

While ziplines and canopy tours have been modes of transportation and tourist attractions in other parts of the country, and around the world, the canopy tour has become the latest “Big” attraction.  Over the last couple of years, several canopy tour companies have opened their doors for the high-flying excitement here in western NC.  Adventure … Read More

The Swag Looks to Reward Loyal Swaggers

The Swag, celebrating its 30th season in 2011, has always valued our returning guests.  However, in the early years, we didn’t really have a way to reward repeat Swaggers.  Then, in 1991, The Swag became a member of Select Registry which had a loyalty program called the Golden Quill.  This program has evolved over the … Read More

Special Event Leaders Return to The Swag

After somewhat of a hiatus during the month of July, The Swag welcomes back several special event leaders over the next several weeks to educate, lead hikes, and entertain.  Renowned storyteller Donald Davis concludes his week of “Walks and Talks” tonight (8/21) with stories after dinner.  Donald returns for his final week of storytelling this season … Read More

Hummingbirds @ The Swag

The Ruby-throated Hummingbird is by far the most common species that breeds in the eastern half of North America.  Ruby-throats are intensely inquisitive and thus easily attracted to feeders, where males in particular typically display aggressive territoriality toward rival hummers, other birds, and even insects such as bees, and butterflies.  They quickly become accustomed to … Read More

Smokies License Plate Provide Boost to Wildlife

The license plate with the distinct black bear image is benefiting wildlife throughout Great Smoky Mountains National Park this summer, thanks to strong plate sales and numerous projects to support black bears, trout, elk, and other wildlife.  The North Carolina “black bear” license plate, which benefits Friends of Great Smoky Mountains National Park, brought in … Read More