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But, Can I Still Hike?

How to stay safe on the hiking trails, sidewalks and parks during a shelter in place order


While we all, as a planet, are experiencing an unprecedented time in history, it is important to not only take precautions but also still find optimism in day-to- day activities. One major change we are facing is how to stay safe hiking, and how to still enjoy it.

From avid hikers to nature-strollers, it is important to get outside for an hour a-day, if possible. Staying conscious of social distancing, but still getting your vitamin D is imperative, now more than ever.

Many of you may be asking yourselves, “How can I still enjoy hiking, biking, running and other activities while under federal and local restrictions?” A very valid question, and we hope we can assist with your inquires.

Before You Go:

-If you are tackling a trail, do your research first. Make sure your local hiking trails are open. Many National Parks, local beaches, picnic areas and more have closed, due to high volumes of people.

-Stay close to home regardless the activity. Even just a stroll on the sidewalk should still adopt the social distancing practices. Remember to either opt to hike alone, or make the endeavor with only members from your household. At this time, as little contact as possible, with others.

-Do not make any stops in between. Maintain social distancing (6- feet apart), if you do see others on the trail. If you must stop for gas or other essentials use gloves and a mask.

-Always use your best judgment when venturing outside of your home. If you, or a member of your household are showing systems of COVID-19, do not leave your home.


Have fun and be gentle with yourself. In times of stress, everyone deals differently. If hiking isn’t relieving stress, mindful breathing, hot tea and porch-sitting can be a great alternative. It’s about the little victories!

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-Lucinda Sutton Inman, Assistant Director of Guest Services