At The Swag, We Are Starting our Thirtieth Season Off With a Bang!

The Swag team is busy getting our romantic destination hiking resort ready for the 2011 season for YOU.  We have outdone ourselves this year with Special Events.

During the first two months, April 25 through June 25, we have just about every day booked with our leaders to take you on the trails and entertain you.

When making a reservation, be sure to check the Special Events on so that you will have an opportunity to know early about our Swagtastic leaders this season.  Whether it’s birding and wildflowers or blackbears and “unhuggables,” there’s always something new to learn and experience with our wildlife experts. 

Of course, our nationally recognized storytellers return for fun-filled evenings, as we gather in the Great Room after dinner. 

Don’t forget Hiking Week, where you will enjoy some of “the greatest hikes” you will ever experience.  This year, Hiking Week will incorporate National Trails Day (more information will follow in a future blog). 

The Swag also welcomes three new Events leaders:  Doug Peters, Greg Johnson and David Morris.  Each will bring his expertise to The Swag – be it music, writing or photography—for all of you Swaggers to enjoy.

We look forward to welcoming you up to our  front door at 5,000 feet with a view of fifty miles—layers of mountain upon mountain down below.  Up here, the busy world is hushed and the fever of life is distant.