A Swag Favorite Receives a Facelift

For 30 years, Swaggers have admired the huge old Chestnut Oak tree between The Cottage and The Swag Garden (visible from the parking lot).  Many have asked, “What is that?” or “Can we go up there?”  The answer to those questions, it’s The Swag Tree House and yes, feel free to climb on up!  The tree house is often recommended by the front office staff for guests to enjoy their Picnic-To-Go.

This winter, the tree house is getting a much needed facelift.  Crews are already working on leveling the floor.  Areas underneath will be reinforced, including the stairs, a new roof added and repairs to the wall and railing will be complete by the time the first Swaggers come through the gate to begin our 30th season here at 5,000 feet.

So don’t forget, the next time you are looking for a great spot to enjoy your Swag backpack lunch, why not check out the tree house!